sâmbătă, 25 aprilie 2020

The Bookrat Blues

music: Codruţ Croitoru
lyrics: Marius Ionescu

Night is falling
On the old pub
With jam-session evening,
Boring people
And very bored singer
Rushing all away...

Found the shelter
into an old house
with such a giant bookshelf
all those old
and dusty books that
came into your help

Such a starless night
Kid, did you found your light?...

Night has caught you in, oooh
Flying to your dreams
Your dream has got you good, oooh
On angels wings….

Oh, kid, what a day!...
Forget all about it and dream away

Morning wake-up
Dazed and confused
With police surrounding:
“Hey, kid
have you lost your mind
Didn’t you see the sign?!”

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