joi, 14 februarie 2019

My Valentine


Good morning, honey!
Good morning, love!
The sun is shining
from high above...
I see the sun rays
in your long hair
I see them cuddling you
so warm and, oh, so fair


I must thank you girl for loving me so-oh
Thank you, God for giving us all the love-oh
spread your wings, my love,
let's fly the sky above


Thank you my love
Thank you, my love
for loving me so!
The joy you bring
From Earth to the sky
Makes me proud that
you're my valentine.


Good morning, honey!
Open your eyes
Look in the window
up to the skies
Smile to me now and
Give me a kiss
I want to thank you for
such a feeling like this.

Prechorus 2:

It's a miracle that we are in love-oh
And I feel like flying high above-oh
I can't help it, oh
but thank you for your love

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